Landscape:Cape Saint Vicente & Sagres, Portugal

Photos: by myself and retouched by myself too :)

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184 thoughts on “Landscape:Cape Saint Vicente & Sagres, Portugal

  1. OOh my goodness gracious!!! your pictures are breath taking.. this is definately the place i wanna go live for the rest of my life.. wooww!!!

  2. Excellent post.
    I have never seen sea before, your pics are so beautiful, thanks for sharing.
    Congratulations on being Freshly Pressed!

  3. I have fallen in love with this sight – i visited the Portugal by train in 1959 – with my parents and a girl friend! It was wonderful – we ate sardines in Sagres – i had a boy friend called Jean!

  4. Merlin’s beard! what lovely photos! I love the starfish and the bird sitting on top of the building!!! and i also discovered something..we are potterheads!! what do u have to say to that, eh mate?

  5. Thank you Carlie! It seems like everybody loves the starfish haha, if you visit Portugal don’t forget to visit the beaches!

  6. I really encourage you to see the sea! I think it’s one of the most beautiful things in the world. Thank you for your comment and if you don’t mind, I don’t know what is “freshly pressed” I’m in WordPress for just a few months, would you explain me that please? thanks :)

  7. I just tell you: I discovered you cause of Merlin’s beard and I love you at first sight!! haha At least I find another potterhead, see you in Pottermore? xoxo

  8. Blue sky and emrald sea~ my favourite combination!!! Seeing these photos made me want a holiday again so bad!! LOL

    And OMG, is the starfish real?? It’s is absolutely amazing!!

  9. I’m feeling exactly the same haha If i’m honest I don’t know if it’s real and I don’t want to know really haha thanks!!

  10. OMG! Woooow! What beautiful photos! The post’s been really popular haha. You must be happy Naive ;) I’ve never seen so much comments. O_O (this is me). Congrats!!!!:D

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  12. Great shots, I was supposed to go here the last time I was in Portugal, unfortunately I got the chicken pox and stayed in bed instead. Thanks for sharing..

  13. Your photos are simply breathtaking! You captured the clouds so magnificently that I felt in the moment of the picture! True artistry and congrats on being freshly pressed!

  14. Vaya… ya veo que sigues acumulando comentarios y ”I like it”… La niña que no sabía si seguir el blog… Enhorabuena!!!!! ^ – ^, me alegro de que haya tenido tanto exito y de que apruebes matemáticas gracias a un blog (jejeje, risa malévola).

    Mr. Ginés-Búho
    Mas te vale poner los link antes de que esto pase y no nos podamos aprovechar de ti (jejejejeje doble risa malvada).

  15. haha is that so? I have heard the Sorting Hat places you in the house you choose..but based on your position in Slytherin, I infer that you must have a penchant for power and fame, eh?

  16. Celia, you have talent! Your photos are wonderful, i though it was extract from a profesdional magazine!! Congratulations!

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